Testimonials & FAQ’s

We have worked with ICS for several years and their services have been invaluable. From fielding trade compliance questions to providing training on COO and BAA, helping our employees learn about these complex programs. They have integrated within in our data and are very quick to respond to keep an order moving smoothly through our system. Ruth has put a technical and knowledgeable team together that would be helpful to any company to keep them up to date on compliance issues.

Michael R. Sekula, Vice President Global Supply Chain Management & Safety, Inpro

I rely on and trust the Classification and Supplier Solicitation work that ICS does. Not only are they very knowledgeable in working with our products and helping our vendors, but their custom designed solicitation software system is excellent and is also very affordable, especially compared to other systems we have seen over the years.

3rd party logistics (3PL) company, Southeastern US.

We have been a customer of ICS, and have worked with Ruth’s team, since 2019. We started out with an import/export audit of our controls to ensure we are operating on a world-class level. We have also used ICS for classification on items that are outside of our expertise, such as license determination, tariffs/duties and valuation. Their team is highly competent, agile, and easy to do business with. We feel like they are an extension of our organization. I would highly recommend Ruth and her team to anyone looking for international trade compliance expertise.

Dean Blanke, Director, Supply Chain, Johnsonville, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions:

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