As you continue to grow, your world only gets bigger! Global trade is a big world. I’ll meet you there!

-Ruth Girmscheid, President of International Custom Services, Inc.

Who are we?

We are compliant, experienced, specialized, and value driven!

Global trade is complex. You are not alone! Large or small, experienced or new to trade, all companies encounter challenges and need solutions. We are here to provide you with solutions. 

Compliance professionals understand the benefits  of partnering with a trusted service provider: Whether your company is experienced with trade compliance or just beginning, we would like to earn your trust and business. Learn what the ICSCompliance© system can do for you, whether it is Supplier Solicitation, Duty Drawback or the many services we provide.

What can we do for you?

We welcome you to give us your toughest issue and most complicated tasks, and you’ll discover why we are the most effective service provider in the field of trade compliance. We are well versed in not only supplier solicitation and data management, but also duty drawback, classification, and duty studies.

We also offer you services for:

  • Importers and exporters (in North American and global locations no matter the size).
  • Denied party screening
  • Foreign-based companies (entering the North American market)
  • HTS classification
  • FTAs, COO, and USMCA
  • Valuation
  • EAR and ECCN
  • Documentation
  • Duty Drawback

Our Goal

Navigating ever-changing government import/export regulations is daunting. Whether for duty drawback, tariff classifications, qualifications for free trade agreements, or import/ export compliance, our goal is simple— by completing a wide range of trade compliance tasks and storing the records supporting our conclusions, we deliver efficiencies that will help prioritize your time for responsibilities versus tasks. Our ICSCompliance© data management system stores the conclusions of our work and features a wide range of reports for you that are critical in trade compliance. After we gain knowledge of your systems and processes, we can train your staff to continue the work to support your Trade Compliance Program.

Overall, our goal is to develop efficient, value-driven solutions for routine demands and unique challenges of trade compliance. We also train our clients to manage their own trade compliance program by collaborating with your existing programs or even creating a whole new program.